Sydney Airport Message Board

Privacy Statement

Personal information (excluding the supplied email address and real name) collected from users of the Sydney Airport Message Board (hereafter 'the Board') via the User Profile or otherwise is done so transparently and with the full knowledge and voluntary participation of the Board users. All such information is publically available to both registered and non-registered members, and the amount of such Profile data supplied is soley at the discretion of the user. The purpose of additional profile data is to provide basic biographical details to other users to assist in board correspondance.

It is a condition of user registration on the Board that both real names and valid and correct email addresses are supplied (real names may be supplied in one of two forms: a full name (eg. John Citizen) or a first name and an initial (eg. John C). Exemptions will be granted only in exceptional circumstances, and only with the express consent of a moderator. Users have the option to withold email address information from other users (on initial registraton, or at any time via the 'Profile' option), however such information is available to the moderators. Both real names and email addresses are required by us in order to contact you in the case of a moderation difficulty (or similar).

All messages (including any text and/or data contained within) posted on the board are publically available to both registered and non-registered Board users. A moderation policy is in place to ensure that any message considered by a user to be in breach of personal and/or corporate privacy legislation will be removed upon notification of the Board moderators.

Password data is encrypted by the Board software, and cannot be accessed by users or moderators. Moderators are able to reset and change user passwords, however.

Personal information provided to the Sydney Airport Message Board by users will be used solely for the purposes outlined above, and will neither be used for any other purpose, nor disclosed to another party without the prior consent of the user.

The Sydney Airport Message Board is supported by advertising revenue generated by Google Adsense with DART technology, which may place cookies on your system to adjust advertising based on your browsing habits. For more information, or to opt out of Google's DART program, see the Google Adsense Privacy Information.

The moderators of the Sydney Airport Message Board are Kurt A, Matthew Chisholm, David Knudsen and Justin L.