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Brian Noldt 6th May 2019 05:42 AM

Russian Aeroflot Fire
At lease 13 passengers reported dead after a fire on a Russian Aeroflot Aircraft

Story and video from nytimes here:

MarkR 6th May 2019 06:41 AM


The video on the story link above raises some concerns about the reaction by airport crews to the event, I would have thought they would be at their ready positions near the runway for its arrival? Obviously it’s only one video, and has been edited. RIP to those that lost their lives, it’s somewhat haunting watching that video.

I believe this would be one of the first inflight airline fire cases that has had some success as far as saving lives go.

This is quite a bizarre video in the context of reaction by crews: I note once again an evacuation WITH luggage grrrrr

MarkR 6th May 2019 07:05 AM

Looks like it’s now 41 that have perished, and there are quite a few videos on social media now, some not so nice when it comes to content.

Apparently it was 90 seconds before the arrival of the first appliance, and the aircraft was not on fire before the gear collapsed after a third hard landing which probably explains the response, some similarity with an earlier SJ100 hull loss event - Air Yakutia late last year where the main gear also collapsed.

Nigel C 12th May 2019 09:44 AM

Coming back to the airport when squawking 7600 with probable radio failure should have had the tenders on standby one would think?

Mick F 14th May 2019 04:09 AM

Not likely Nige. 7600 is only communication failure.

7700 on the other hand, that would have invoked a very different response.


Nigel C 14th May 2019 08:51 AM

I'd have thought it would at least trigger a local standby Mick. Expect a normal landing but there's an issue (radio comms, and maybe more?) with the aircraft.

MarkR 14th May 2019 09:39 AM

Radio Faulure was not a local standby in my days in the tower in Sydney or Melbourne, while at Bankstown the only thing on standby was Paul Keetings Mum and the hot dial to the noise complaints line :), nor was it a trigger for an incerfa or alerfa.

Radi K 16th May 2019 12:47 PM

New Video does not look good.

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