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Glennm 30th June 2019 08:38 AM

Williamtown ATC
It would be ggod if someone established a Williamtown feed. I thought maybe it was restricted because it is an RAAF Base but I notice Darwin, Townsville and Canberra are avaiable.
Does anyone know any more on this subjuct.

Geoff G 30th June 2019 08:42 AM

Anyone can set up a feed on probably just nobody up there interested [emoji5]
The only radio comms that would be 'restricted' would be encrypted already, or anything connecting to the phone network, as per the telecommumications act. WLM is a joint user airfield (military+civi).

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Glennm 30th June 2019 08:49 AM

Thanks Geoff for the info. I have a scanner at home in Newcastle but too far away to hear the tower and ground.

MarkR 1st July 2019 05:56 PM

The RAAF use UHF for Comms which would be worth listening too and it may not always be retransmitted on VHF:

APPROACH: 135.7, 293.4
CNTR: 133.3, 243.0, 261.4
TWR: 118.3, 280.9
GND SMC: 121.8 (264.3)
GND SMCV: 127.25
ATIS: 316.1, 365KHz
FIA: 125.7 (BRIS CNTR)
NDB: 365KHz
CTAF: 118.3
AMS (MIL): 361.6
2OCU: 256.500, 282.500

Secure stuff these days is all data link, no chance of listening to that unless you have an Aegis in the backyard or your in a Wedgetail.

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