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David C 10th July 2021 10:33 AM

Flight training during COVID restrictions ?
Currently Im seeing aircraft doing circuits on FR24. My question is , how is that possible and how does it fit into the current tightened COVID restrictions now in place in NSW? . I assume the pilot lives within 10Km of Bankstown and walked there under the exercise rule , but how does the pilot justify the rest of his / her actions ? . I do know that under the education category a person can travel to undertake that , but circuit bashing in an ultralight is hardly essential and as such does not fit into The NSW guidelines .Id like your opinions , because as a private pilot myself and now self grounded Im searching to find any justifications .

Dave C

Kent Broadhead 12th July 2021 03:28 PM

I'd expect it falls into the category of education that cannot be undertaken at home. Flight schools can still operate (as can driving schols)

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