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lloyd fox 14th May 2013 08:17 AM

Brisbane airport stuff
I thought i would give everyone a update of airlines and news.

BNE is extremely busy currently with aircraft movements reaching 700 a day on some weekdays.A record of 724 earlier this year.

Fifo airlines and cargo have grown and so far this year we have gained Vincent Aviation,Fiji Airways and Safair.Soon Philippines (A320) and Garuda (738) and Skyforce (146) will join them .There are other airline possibilities but will not mention them at this stage.

Alliance now have F100'S,F70'S and a F50 based here
GAM AIR have 3 DO 228'S doing 6 flights a day weekdays
Corporate AIR have 2 Saab 340's 1 metro and up to 4 C441's based here and they are busy.
JetGo have a 135 and very soon a 145
Pelair have a pax Saab VH-EKD
REX have a Saab ZRC based here.
Vincent have their 146 ZK-ECO doing fifo to Roma
Airlink have their 1900 as well as PA-31's
GWA have 2 B200'S as well as 4 PA-31'S
Skytrans have up to 5 Dash 8's both 100's and 300's based here.

Aviation Australia still have their 727-100 outside and their F28
inside the hangar.
AMSA have a DO 328 based here part of the year.
Brindabella operate both metro and J41
Qantaslink have 3 717's based here doing plenty of flights a day and Virgin now have 19 ATR72 flights a day more than any other city.

Plenty of aircraft variety up here.

RFDS have 5-6 aircraft based here as well as visits by Careflight lears and NSW ambulance B350 throughout the week.

Mineralogy 2 MD-82's are still outside and the Hi Fly 343 is based here when not flying.US AIR F100 is also outside.

Army NH-90'S fly most days as well.

Lynden Cargo Hercs are regulars along with the USN as well as KC10'S of USAF.

Air Niugini operate 73G,73H and 763 Through here as well.

Airwork have 733 ZK-SLA based here.

EVA Air still operate 2-3 a week with 332's and Solomons 4 a week with the 320's.Etihad are daily 332's.

This is just some of what can be seen up here.I hope you enjoyed.


Rowan McKeever 14th May 2013 08:45 AM

That's a really great overview, thanks Lloyd! Sure is a busy place and the variety I don't think is matched anywhere on this side of the country.

I've noticed the D228s on flightaware a couple of times... who is GAM AIR and what's their flying all about? From memory they've been playing somewhere like Kingaroy?

Cheers, Rowan

lloyd fox 14th May 2013 08:54 AM

Thanks Rowan,

GAM AIR is General Aviation Maintenance of Essendon and they fly to Chinchilla which is west of BNE in the Surat basin and this is the heart of all the LNG industry .Not as far west as Roma but they are all involved with LNG.


Brad Myer 14th May 2013 08:54 AM

Also the current 4x weekly BNE-HKG will gradually move to daily by June.

Jarden S 14th May 2013 09:03 AM

There is talk that Vietnam may make BNE their 3rd Aussie port. Would be good to see.

Brandon Giacomin 14th May 2013 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by Brad Myer (Post 82688)
Also the current 4x weekly BNE-HKG will gradually move to daily by June.

It increased to 5x weekly last week and will increase to daily from June 24.

Also we have China Southern increasing from 4x weekly to 5x weekly next month and then to daily from October 27.

Malaysian will increase from 5x weekly to daily from next month.

Also Virgin begin using the A332 on the BNE-PER route tomorrow, twice a day weekdays only and daily Sundays.

MarkR 14th May 2013 01:30 PM

Lets not mention the EK A380s from October, to finally take advantage of one of the few lounge to aircraft facilities not in DXB.

Rowan McKeever 14th May 2013 01:49 PM

Thanks a lot Lloyd! The memory isn't its usual self today, all I could think was it was a (relatively) small-ish town. Are there any photos around of the D228s?

lloyd fox 14th May 2013 03:42 PM

I will check my flickr photos later on Rowan and post a attachment.

Today we had Atlas N492MC taking the V8 super cars to the US.

Also A32-348 and A32-351 were in.

Tomorrow night ATR72 ZK-MVC is due thru Brissie on delivery for Air NZ.

lloyd fox 14th May 2013 04:05 PM


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