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Originally Posted by Philip Argy View Post
Surely the old tower, or a mobile facility, should be available in an emergency for any CAT III airport. Is there no requirement under CAT III for a backup plan?
Originally Posted by David C View Post
Iím not sure whether there is a requirement for a back up , but surely in this day and age , a ď commonsense approach ď should prevail . There should be contingency plans , but at the age I am having seen lots of water flowing under the bridge sadly nothing surprises me any more .

CAT III what exactly? CAT III ILS?

I donít know what else youíd want to see done here? Departing aircraft were held in position on the ground, an en route controller was managing a reduced program of arrivals (and at that time of day the program probably didnít need much reduction) down to finals, and the pilots then used their professional judgement from there. Flights with insufficient fuel or other reasons not to remain in the arrivals program took themselves out of the equation by diverting elsewhere. This all seems quite commonsense to me.

Iíve no doubt whatsoever that at a different time of day, or if the situation had gone on very much longer, or in different weather conditions, other arrangements wouldíve been made. But Iíve also complete confidence in the arrangements that were made in the circumstances.
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