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The following item is from the Aviation Herald about OJUs engine shut down and diversion to Cairns. The aircraft still looks to be in Cairns over 2 days later. I love the use of the word "drifted" in describing the slow descent. It looks to be the number 2 engine.

A Qantas Boeing 747-400, registration VH-OJU performing flight QF26 (dep May 11th) from Tokyo Haneda (Japan) to Sydney (Australia), was enroute at FL350 over the Pacific Ocean north of Papua New Guinea when an engine (RB211) emitted a loud bang, streaks of flame followed by sparks and was subsequently shut down by the crew. The crew drifted the aircraft down to FL290, later FL250 and diverted to Cairns (Australia) where the aircraft landed safely about 135 minutes after the engine went bang.

The airline confirmed the crew shut an engine down.
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