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After takeoff the cabin crew handed out copies of The Australian newspaper which I declined. I settled into my tablet watching videos & playing games. I did quickly glance at the overhead IFE every now and again to see what was playing. All I saw on it was some kind of childrenís movie about aliens abducting people.

One of the ladies in my row with specific diabetic requirements received her meal quite early in the flight, well before the rest of the cabin received theirs. As per my previous flight there was a hot & cold option for breakfast. I didn't pay attention to what the hot option was as I decided beforehand to go for the cold option. This consisted of some breakfast biscuits, yogurt and cranberries. I choose apple juice as my drink

It does seem a bit basic but I still quite liked the meal. The breakfast biscuits were good while the vanilla yogurt was simply wonderful. I treated it like a dip and ate it together with the biscuits, but it was still quite yummy on its own. I was quite disappointed when I finished it, I wanted more. I barely touched the cranberries; I personally don't like them too much.

Shortly after breakfast I decided to head to the toilet. One of my neighbours also decided to head to the toilet at the same time so getting out & returning to my seat caused minimum fuss. With only two toilets for the economy cabin a queue for the toilets was forming with me stuck in it. Now I understand why people tend not to like the seats at the back of the plane, it's fairly cramped for standing passengers who constantly knock into the seats as they try to move around, not helped due to us standing within close proximity to the cabin crew. I had no complaints about the toilet itself, it was clean enough.

Overall I couldn't say that it was a smooth flight. There was a quite a lot of turbulence for the first hour of the flight. The next two hours went smoothly but started again during the final leg of the flight. Worse still the last round of turbulence interrupted the second drinks round. When it resumed the cabin crew made the decision not to serve hot drinks. It personally didn't bother me as I ordered another apple juice. As per my previous flight I was also given some cookies. In some good news though the pilot announced that we were running early due to favorable winds.

Shortly after we began our descent which I found to be quite scenic, if you find urban & built form interesting that is. We flew over pass major suburbs including Liverpool, Parramatta, Hornsby, Chatswood & the CBD with views of the Harbour Bridge, before landing on runway 16L.

A photo of my plane at the gate.

I also got a photo of VH-XZD, one of the newer 737's in the fleet.

A shot of VH-EBC.

By this point I couldn't figure out if I was in an airport or a shopping centre. I think I was in the latter.

All board the Qantas travelator!

A photo of the luggage carousels. I didn't have to wait too long to pick up my luggage. I then proceeded towards my hotel in Newtown using the train.

Overall it was another good flight with Qantas, but not as good as it could have been. In the end the lack of proper IFE didnít concern me, but it was one of the reasons I booked this flight as it was initially supposed to be operated by an A330. The lack of IFE would have obviously impacted those who didnít have any decent electronic devices with preloaded games or movies, and those with kids. I wanted to be decently comfortable and entertained for a long 4 hour flight. If I didnít want entertainment or free food I probably would have booked with a low cost carrier. Personally I wouldnít go on this flight again until a time when all of the older 737ís are refurbished with Q Streaming (although I probably wouldnít have a need to go on this flight again). Because the choice is there I would aim to fly on the A330 to and from Perth.
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