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When BNE/SFO starts on 9 February on 247, MEL/SFO changes days to 1356 returning to MEL on 3571. MEL/LAX moves to 47, returning to MEL on 6 and (4). The 7 aircraft then goes into maintenance at LAX and while it could swap with QF15 or 55 from BNE a 789 will be there for over 2 days.
That means that MEL to SFO & LAX is Dx2 and the flights arrive back in MEL on Dx2. It leaves an aircraft short for QF9 to PER/LHR on 2. Some investigation in the "new" QF timetable area on the website, (you have to select each day to find the type operating the flight), I found that QF9 and QF 10 on a Tuesday, from 9 FEB20 will be a 332 MEL/PER/MEL with the 789 turning around in PER back to LHR.
BNE/LAX goes from 10 pw to 13 pw from 2JAN20 to 8 FEB20 till SFO commences on 9 FEB when it reduces back to10 pw and then reduces to daily after BNE/ORD commences on 20APR20.
That is 11 in total.
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