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Default VARA ATR gets lost in CBR

Oh dear

The ATSB is investigating a runway incursion involving an ATR 72, registered VH-VPJ and operated by Virgin Australia Airlines, which occurred at Canberra Airport, Australian Capital Territory, at 1903 Eastern Standard Time on 25 September 2019.

The flight crew requested and were issued with a taxi clearance to holding point Golf for a take-off on runway 35. Air traffic control then cleared the aircraft for take-off. The flight crew taxied the aircraft to intersection Golf and then turned on to runway 30 instead of runway 35. The flight crew later advised that, as they turned on to runway 30 they realised something was wrong, and soon after air traffic control advised them to stop. Air traffic control then provided the flight crew with instructions to taxi to holding point November for a departure from runway 35.
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