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Originally Posted by Leigh R View Post
Hi Robert,
Im out near The Rock.
Is your map from Virtual Radar software? thats a good coverage plot, there was some very good conditions on Tuesday, though I didn't see much increase in range here, but I know some others did.
I'm on the floodplain (so in the valley) and can pick-up aircraft on the taxiway from the disused ATC tower and runway for most aircraft (light aircraft I lose just before the runway, lower power and smaller size).

Yes, using VRS as Plane Plotter has been a pain to use (drops all streams for no reason at all).

Sadly my FR24 box changed IP (due to the router having changes made due to NBN issues) while I was out of town, so it didn't log from Friday evening though til Sunday evening. My RPi did log but range with it on a home built antenna isn't great.
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