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Originally Posted by MarkR View Post
Ideally for a given antenna setup, your best reception results will occur in the evening during anticyclonic conditions (stable high pressure) where tropospheric ducting occurs.
Thanks Mark for the info. Not sure if your aware but the occurrence of tropospheric ducting will depend upon location, time of year and current weather events.

For dry inland areas like Wagga, the air becomes really depleted of humidity in the afternoons during summer and thus the afternoons and evenings are the worst time of day. Early morning is usually the best as the humidity builds up again during the night, only to begin the depletion process again as the sun comes up and the day progresses.

In contrast, areas closer to the coast and oceans have more moisture at all times of the day and evenings may well be better depending on the weather systems.

For inland areas in the south east, west of the great divide, during winter, evenings can often be the better time and mornings not so good as there is a lot more humid air about in those areas at that time of year.

Lots of variables, very interesting to observe.

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