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Old Yesterday, 08:45 PM
Michael Cleary Michael Cleary is offline
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East West had some interesting routes in their F-27 days, some short, some extreme range.

SYD-Condobolin-West Wyalong-SYD - I did this about 1971 in an F27 - only about 60 miles from Condo to WW.

Then they started direct flights from SYD-ASP in the late 1970's - 1250 miles in a Fokker was a very long hop - and about 5 hours as well.

Then of course towards the end of the Two Airline Policy days they tested the water by flying Sydney to Melbourne via Albury, which provoked Ansett to do the same, though the latter did not have rights for Albury, so they landed, taxied back and then departed for a while until the farce got sorted out.

Ansett (sadly) fixed them though, bought them out and then eventually swallowed them up. For a while there were some EW liveried 727's flying, mainly to and from the Gold Coast.
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Old Today, 08:33 AM
Kain C Kain C is offline
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Originally Posted by Michael R View Post
Was looking at the old Eastern Australian Airlines routemap today and noticed that they use to have flights BNE-WGA and OOL-WGA. Can anybody shed any info? Timetable image was 1992.
From 1993, operated by Link Airways (route map shows Southern Australia) in a Rockwell Commander:

WGA-BNE 0650-0900 M.W.F.. JK604
BNE-WGA 1420-1630 M.W.F.. JK605
WGA-OOL 0800-1000 ......S JK602
OOL-WGA 1230-1430 ......S JK603
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Old Today, 09:32 AM
Greg McDonald Greg McDonald is offline
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I remember saving up all my money as a kid and flying from Maryborough to Bundaberg on an Ansett F27 and back on a TAA one. My first ever lone flight! Don't even want to think about how many years ago that was....
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Old Today, 11:57 AM
Michael R Michael R is offline
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Thanks for all the info guy's really love it. It's strange how some things come back around with Jetgo now doing WGA-BNE and some other regional routes that once existed.
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