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Dennis McLean 21st March 2021 09:54 PM

Hi Greg,

I think you mean HP1565CMP as HP15601560 did the recent test flight

Greg Hyde 22nd March 2021 08:11 AM

Thanks Dennis,

HP1565CMP should be added to the list

Dylan Hardie 22nd March 2021 11:30 AM

VH-UYW planned to conduct test flights out of Brisbane today

Out of interest UYZ conducted 2 missed approaches into Amberley this morning

Greg Hyde 23rd March 2021 02:20 PM

N912QQ has performed a test flight at SJO.

Dennis McLean 23rd March 2021 10:14 PM

N912QQ due to leave SJO in 2h 50m at 09.04am CST for SDM due at 01.34pm PDT, Tuesday 23 March as SXI2114.

Dennis McLean 24th March 2021 08:11 AM

Flight changed to (scheduled)- SJO to TUS at 1.20pm CST/5.09pm MST, 23 March. It is already almost 3 hours late.

Dylan Hardie 24th March 2021 12:24 PM

Looks like they've cancelled it all for today

Greg Hyde 25th March 2021 07:44 AM

N912QQ is finally underway as SXI2114.

Interestingly the first stop is Tuscon rather than San Diego

Greg Hyde 25th March 2021 12:47 PM

SXI12114 has left Tuscon, refueled at Oakland and is heading to Honolulu

Dennis McLean 25th March 2021 02:01 PM

I am guessing it should arrive at HNL about 10.45 local time, so will it depart HNL for MAJ and BNE the next morning about 9.15am as N998QQ did or will the crew need more rest time??

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