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Old 28th May 2012, 11:30 AM
George G George G is offline
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Hi guys,

I have only been doing this since February and thoroughly enjoy reading the Noteworthy Movements thread as it's a great source of information. I find it amusing as to how "reactionary" some people can be when someone posts a movement which in their opinion isn't considered noteworthy. I think people need to calm down and stop taking things so seriously. Leave all the Ego and attitude at the log in Button.

This is an interactive forum, people I think are entitled to interact in whatever way they want as long as they don't breach forum rules.

Personally, I find information about planes with special schemes (even though they have been here 1000 times before) or that are rare visits to Sydney (even though they have been here before) valuable. This is only a hobby, most of us work, it's good to know when planes are coming and going because we may not get a chance to see it on a Tuesday but may be able to see it on a Friday for example. We can make arrangements to go catch it if we know it is coming.

Perhaps start a "Interesting planes to photograph thread". :P

I'm sure a little pro activity amongst users can go a long way. Getting frustrated by a single post seriously isn't worth the energy wasted. Keep smiling and have a good day

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