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Old 21st February 2020, 06:54 AM
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Default BNE new runway to open 12 July this year

SOURCE:Courier Mail

After eight years of construction, Brisbane Airport has announced the date its second runway will finally open. It comes after it was revealed the project, that will provided “unlimited opportunities” for the city, came in hundreds of millions of dollars under budget.

BRISBANE Airport’s new $1.1 billion parallel runway will open on July 12, after coming in $200m under budget.

Brisbane Airport Corporation chief executive officer Gert-Jan de Graaff said the runway had been eight years in construction and would offer “unlimited opportunities for our city, region and state”.

“The new runway is so much more than asphalt; it is an enabler for growth across all facets, with an estimated 7800 new jobs created by 2035 and an additional $5 billion in annual economic benefit to the region,” Mr de Graaff said.

“We are seeing first-hand that the new runway is bringing more flights, destinations and choices for the travelling public, and this growth will only strengthen from July 12.

“While we recognise the benefits of the new runway and the airport will be felt right across our city, state and country, we are conscious of our community and the potential impact of new flight paths in relation to aircraft noise.

“We encourage everyone residing in Brisbane to visit the dedicated Flight Path Tool, available on Brisbane Airport’s website, which allows you to search any address to find out specific information in relation to aircraft volume forecasts and the expected noise footprint for the current and future flight paths.”

The final line marking has begun, with more than 6780 litres of paint being used to mark more than 120km along taxiways and the runway.

The airport is planning a weekend of community events on the runway before it opens for flights, including a 5km runway fun run.
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Old 28th February 2020, 08:13 AM
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Video on the STOP BARS project for both runways happening now.
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Old 23rd March 2020, 09:53 AM
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Final checks underway as new runway nears completion
March 18, 2020
The major construction work is done, the date is set and the wait is on for the rubber to hit the runway.

The first commercial flights are scheduled to land and take-off on Brisbane Airport’s new runway on Sunday 12 July as a long-term project that will deliver huge advantages to the region finally comes to fruition.

Described by Brisbane Airport Corporation chief executive Gert-Jan de Graaf as an “infrastructure masterpiece”, the $1.1 billion project has come in $200 million under budget and on time.

Its construction involved roughly five million cubic metres of earthworks, 11 million cubic metres of dredged sand and about 1.2 million tonnes of quarry products.

The 3.3km runway is expected to create 7800 jobs by 2035 and add $5 billion in annual economic benefit to the region. It includes 12km of taxiways as well as navigation aids such as an instrument landing system, high intensity approach lighting and airfield ground lighting.

The runway will have the first 100 per cent LED Cat 1 lighting system in the southern hemisphere and will allow BAC to save energy by illuminating only those lights needed for a particular operation. It will also help minimise delays due to fog.

While major construction may have finished, there’s still plenty of work to be done as the big day approaches.

Final preparations include the many checks to ensure everybody from airport staff to rescue and fire fighting services and air traffic controllers are ready.

Landscaping is being finished, helped enormously by recent rains, and systems such as ground lighting and instrument landings systems are undergoing final testing by major contractor Skyway and its subcontractors.

The most obvious of these is the ground lighting and ADB SAFEGATE has been putting the system through a series of tests since mid-January with more to go. This includes new stop bars and an associated control monitoring system on the existing runway.

There has been a thorough review of the entire airfield to make sure there are no defects and everything has been built in accordance with the Manual of Standards.

Runway project director Paul Coughlan says the new runway’s first assessment by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority went “very well” and Airservices Australia has finished the installation of the navigation systems.

Airservices has been running ground checks on the system and there has been one flight check, with the first ILS flight check to take place at the end of March with another in the beginning of April.

“BAC also has a flight check in relation to our airfield ground lighting, which is also the end of March and then a final one in May,’’ says Coughlan’s deputy, Ben Garnett.

Skyway, the joint venture between CBP Contractors and BMD Constructions, is due to hand over the airfield to BAC on schedule on 1 May.

But there will still be a series of final checks and drills after May.

“An example of that is the new fire station,’’ says Coughlan. “So aviation fire and rescue will be doing their trials to ensure that they meet the response times to the runway threshold.”

BAC will also conduct an emergency drill exercise and Coughlan says the airport operator is familiarising new and existing airside operations staff with the new airfield.

This included building a ground driver simulator to allow people to get familiar with the layout of the new airfield and complement on-site visits.

The airport company’s facilities staff have also been working on the handover of the lighting and other airfield systems as manuals and other documents are being updated and checked off.

“Ben’s team has mapped every document that has to be updated,’’ Coughlan says, noting this ranges from documents in BAC’s assets system that register the new runway to the airport operations manual.

“With Airservices, all of their documentation has been mapped and we’re working with them, closing every new document.

“All the training has now been scheduled, from internal BAC staff through to all the Airservices staff, to be ready for parallel runway operations.

“So it’s intense, but everything’s been mapped and we’re just methodically going through and closing all of that out.”

The project is the first new runway at a capital city airport since Sydney’s third runway and Coughlan says BAC was always aware that other airports such as Perth, Melbourne and Western Sydney were watching with interest.

There have been questions about design, risk management, procurement and delivery strategy.

There have also been many questions on the project’s successful community and stakeholder engagement.

Likening it at times to a military operation, he says he is extremely proud that the contractors, his team and BAC have delivered it not just on time but under budget with a governance that was “first rate”.

He said BAC needed to demonstrate, particularly to its airline partners, that it was able to deliver a billion-dollar project well in terms of both the program and cost.

He is also immensely proud of its safety record, a requirement that had been important to BAC.

“There would have been thousands over the years who have worked on this on contract,’’ he says. “If you look at what constitutes success, there’s not one of those who has been injured seriously.”

Another source of pride is the lack of disruption to the public and other stakeholders during the eight years of construction.

He attributes the project’s success in part to the goals set by the board, not just on areas such as cost control but on safety, stakeholder engagement and environmental outcomes.

He says it was heartening to see people from board level down to senior management “cognizant of what success looks like and then holding my team accountable and saying if that is going to cost … the money will be allocated”.

He adds: “But then the return is you have to deliver on that and we’ve achieved that.”
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Old 1st May 2020, 07:33 AM
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Brisbane’s new runway reaches practical completion

Thursday 30 April 2020: Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) and Skyway, a joint venture between BMD Constructions Pty Ltd and CPB Contractors Pty Ltd (a member of the CIMIC Group), are today celebrating the practical completion of Brisbane’s new runway.

BAC CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff said while today marked the end of the project, its was just the beginning for Brisbane Airport.

“In many respects this runway is symbolic of the very firm belief we have that aircraft will, in the not too distant future, return to the skies and our terminals will once again be full of happy people looking forward to visiting their families, their holidays or to travel to do business,” he said.

“The last few months have been difficult for everyone in the aviation and travel industries, as well as the whole community, but we have never lost sight of the fact that this project has been built for the long term. It will serve us well for many decades to come.

“Today is a culmination of eight years of physical construction, many years before that in planning, and foresight from nearly half a century ago for an airport with the growth capacity to meet the aspirations of the city and the state”.

Mr De Graaff said thousands of people had worked on the project over the decades and thanked and congratulated them for their contribution to one of Queensland’s most important construction projects in memory.

“As we reach this historic milestone, I must commend the entire New Runway team for putting their heart and souls into this project over the last 15 years. Every step of the way the BAC team has been supported by many partners, suppliers and contractors who have contributed to this project. This truly is a project built by the community for the community.

“This new runway is so much more than asphalt; it is an enabler for recovery and growth across all facets of business, with an estimated 7,800 new jobs created by 2035 and an additional five billion dollars in annual economic benefit to the region” he said.

“Now more than ever, it is crucial that we have the infrastructure and mechanisms in place to allow our great city and state to recover from the COVID-19 global pandemic, and Brisbane Airport, and this new runway will play a strong part in that.”

Throughout the life of the project, more than 3,740 people were inducted to work there, with a peak of 650 people on site in mid-2019. Three hundred and twenty-four different subcontractors were engaged during the project - 90 per cent of which were based in South East Queensland – putting in approximately 3.3 million manhours.

The new runway landed under budget at $1.1 billion, a saving of $200 million on initial estimates.

Skyway joint venture’s Project Director, Graeme Fenemore said the project is demonstrative of a significant engineering feat over a number of years and a dedicated project team who worked diligently to always put safety first.

“On behalf of the Skyway joint venture, I am extremely proud to be handing over Brisbane’s new runway ahead of program, on budget and with an exemplary safety record of zero lost time injuries,” he said.

With practical completion now achieved, the detailed commissioning process for the new runway will continue as part of the wider Operational Readiness and Testing (ORAT) program.

Brisbane’s new runway will open on Sunday, 12 July 2020.
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Old 23rd May 2020, 08:36 AM
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First Touch N Go this arvo by a calibration aircraft onto the new runway.A historic day for BNE....7 weeks to go.
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